Salesforce Consulting

Our Salesforce services are all about cost-effectiveness, close collaboration, efficiency gains, and process improvements! We will deep dive into your existing processes, practices & systems, understand your pain points, strategize, consult, recommend routes for efficiency gains, take alignments and then build your salesforce eco-system that complements your business! Come to us & enjoy our entire gamut of end-to-end Salesforce Services – Implementation, Custom Development, Migration, Integration & Support!

Application Development

Our application development approach is team-centric and holistic, from architecture and design to modernizing software development processes and custom application development.

We can help you strategize and resolve issues with architecture, security, and buggy performance, clear a stacked backlog, and ultimately make all of your current and future application development projects completed faster, more efficiently, and at high quality

Database Services

UP2DATE Technologies focuses on providing the most effective solution for your needs, while avoiding over-architected and expensive options. Our DBA consultants can work with you on-site or off-site using onshore or offshore delivery. We tailor assignments to meet your needs, milestones, and expectations.

Quality Assurance and DevOps

Developers need to understand application interdependencies, complexity, and quality across platforms and environments. But that’s not the end of the story… Applications developed must be continuously tested to ensure that they meet compliance requirements and are operating at their full potential. Here are the Quality Assurance and DevOps components that UP2DATE leverages to help reduce your costs and improve the reliability of your applications.

How do you prove that your IT systems and applications are serving you well? – Testing